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WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: The Mythology of it All! Fantasy Author M.A. Donovan

M.A. Donovan, Author
M.A. Donovan joins us to discuss her new fantasy novel THE GOLDEN HORN. In the following article, she positions her book within the world of mythology, although admits she adds a little medieval history. 

Donovan is a dog lover and lives in Michigan with her dog Sheba. She also writes horror and thrillers under the name Shelby Patrick.

The Mythology of it All!
By M.A. Donovan

The world has a long-standing fascination with mythology. Epic tales have been told through the ages of heroes, gods, goddesses, monsters, and more. Every nation has its own fantastic story to weave.

The Greeks shared myths of heroic deeds, divine interventions, and origins of their rituals. Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey are the oldest known Greek literary sources. They focused on events surrounding the Trojan War.

You will find many great tales from Hercules to Perseus and the Gods that either tried to thwart their plans or help them in small, inconspicuous ways. Battling monsters such as Medusa or the hydra were prevalent in almost every epic mythology.

In THE GOLDEN HORN, I mix a little mythology with medieval history. My heroes engage all sorts of creatures like harpies, nightmares, dragons, and thunder birds – while searching for a special weapon forged by the Gods that will either turn the tide in their favor or destroy their kingdom.

THE GOLDEN HORN is available at or Want to win a free signed copy along with a special gift from me? Enter my “Letter to a Hero” contest. Simply craft a genius letter to your special hero (can be a fictional character or a real person) and send to me at with “Letter to a Hero” in the subject. I’ll select a winner at the end of my virtual book tour, on or around March 1, 2013. Please make sure to include your name, mailing address, and email in your letter.

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About M.A. Donovan

M.A. Donovan is the author of several published short stories and an article on karate. She has self-published three non-fiction books, a short story collection, and two novels. THE GOLDEN HORN is her first fantasy novel of which she has been working on for years, since twelfth grade, and has recently had professionally edited.

Donovan lives in Michigan, where she is currently working on her next novel, with her dog, Sheba. She also writes horror and thrillers under the name Shelby Patrick.

You can find her on Facebook (ShelbyPatrickAuthor) and Twitter (@shelbypatrick).


Galen Hawkeye never wanted to be labeled a hero, but with his father's undead army casting a shadow over the kingdom, the land needed a legend. From a very young age, he had been groomed as a warrior, so it only seemed right when he strapped on the sword, enlisted his mage friend, and ventured forth to save his people. But he never planned on demonic trackers hunting him nor the love he found with a mysterious girl who happened to be on the same quest as him. Would he be able to stop the darkness descending before it swallowed him whole?

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