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FIRST LOVE BLOG HOP: Paranormal Romance Author Violet Patterson

Violet Patterson, Author
Emerald Seer series

Violet Patterson writes novels considered by her readers to be outside the norm of paranormal romance books.  One reviewer describes the Emerald Seer series: “Incredible characters, wonderful paranormal creatures and a romance that's going to blow your mind.” 

In addition to writing, Violet spends most of her time being a mom to her two children. She is collaborating with her daughter on a middle grade series which she believes has promise.

Don’t miss the excerpt following the description of her books.

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Q: What inspired you to write your paranormal romance/fantasy Emerald Seer Series?

Violet Patterson: A combination of things really, I wanted to write something for my friends who are working Moms with little time to devote to the finer points in life – like reading.  The characters themselves evolved over a few hours following a conversation with a coworker who was very supportive of my writing.  I was influenced by Celtic lore for part of it as well. 

Q: Several of your reviewers praise your novels as “definitely outside the norm for what you expect in a Paranormal Romance.”  What makes your books unique?

Violet Patterson:  I tried very hard to make it different from everything else.  Vampires are overdone and at times done poorly so they play a very small role in my series (not introduced until Whiskey, Mystics, and Men).  I also incorporated a Phoenix, sprites, and hybrids.  There is a definite story with several subplots but it is light enough to put down at any point and not forget what you’ve read. 

Q: Do you write purely for entertainment? Or do you incorporate messages to your readers?

Violet Patterson: There are subtexts in all of my books, more for specific people, they know who they are.  This particular series is more for fun and entertainment.  I have a few projects in the wings that are more involved but I wanted to have fun with this series. 

Q: What element do you think is most important in creating a compelling story? Is it different in your genre from other genres?

Violet Patterson:  I think characters are the most important part of any story, regardless of genre.  Of course, this is just my humble opinion.  I put a lot of time and effort into my characters, the little things that people may or may not have picked up on.  For instance, my chapters alternate viewpoint so each character has his/her own speech patterns.  Ryder uses no contractions but Storm does and she has a verbal crutch.  I wanted him to speak more properly to show his true age and drive to live higher than some of the other Immortals.  Storm is young and her emotions have been locked away for most of her life so I wanted her to come across as a bit immature and with difficulty handling her newfound emotions.  It gets more involved when more characters enter the mix, but they each have their own signatures. 

Q: Where do you get your ideas for your characters and plot? Do you do anything to get you inspired?

Violet Patterson: Honestly, it just unfolds.  I have a general idea when I start but it often changes as I go along, as new ideas hit me, as new characters pop in my head, and so on.  I throw my characters into precarious situations and then try to work out how each would react to achieve the outcome I am seeking.  What do I do to get inspired?  Music.  I love listening to music.  I block out the world and imagined I am my characters reacting.  

Q: How do you make us care about your characters?

Violet Patterson: I try to make them real.  Even though they face paranormal issues that we would not face on a daily basis, I try to throw in bits of reality.  Parent issues, spousal frustrations, loneliness – there should be something in every character that you can relate to at some point.  I hope I succeeded.

Q: Why are you a writer?  When did you first know that you wanted to be a writer?

Violet Patterson:  Because it is in me.  I can’t turn it off, even if I wanted to.   Writing was always something I did but I never gave it enough credence until a few years ago.  One idea hit me (a YA epic fantasy I published under a pen name) and I decided to get serious about writing.  RYDER came fast and furious after that and from there it just multiplied into more ideas than I can ever finish in my lifetime. 

Q:  Tell us something about yourself, e.g., do you do stand up comedy? What’s your favorite holiday, book, author, character, play, movie, celebrity?  What do you do when you’re not writing? Do you have a muse? What's your favorite charity?

Violet Patterson:  I am not sure what to share, it’s odd to talk about myself.  Beyond writing I spend most of my time being Mom.  I have two brilliantly entertaining children who happen to be my biggest support.  We bake, do loads of art projects, and whatever else strikes us in a given moment.  My daughter and I are actually collaborating on a middle grade series that has promise. 

About Violet Patterson

Violet Patterson is a northwest Ohio native who spent much of her childhood creating plays (costumes and all!) for her younger siblings to perform. From there, she moved on to simplistic poetry and children's stories - unfortunately works like "Adventures of Super Cookie" were never released to the masses.

Ms. Patterson graduated from Miami University with a degree in social sciences. After several years in the field she decided to stop brainstorming in notebooks, on post it notes, and along the borders of her desk calendars. Storm Sullivan was born from those efforts and eventually, "Ryder on the Storm - Emerald Seer I" was released as Ms. Patterson's debut novel. The sequel, "Light My Fire." was released in December 2011 followed by an accompanying novella, "Whiskey, Mystics, and Men" (early 2012) and the third full novel in the series, "Love Her Madly" (August 2012). The final installment, "End of the Night" is in progress with anticipated release in 2013.

Two energetic children and a part time marketing assistant position keep her active and fulfilled.

About the Books


Storm Sullivan is a Seer from an ancient line forced to return home after the brutal murder of her aunt. But Storm finds she’s inherited more than just the family estate.

Ryder Cohen is an Immortal, a former enforcer commissioned to eradicate the Sullivan line and prevent the rise of the Emerald. But Ryder has come to question his mission and the reasons behind it.

RYDER ON THE STORM is the first in the Emerald Seer series. An urban fantasy with a supporting cast of Immortals, Seraphs, and Deities this is just the beginning of Storm's journey.

Storm Sullivan's life has changed drastically - married to an Immortal, pregnant and attempting to master her new, unpredictable powers while bracing for the next supernatural attack.

Lucian has not been completely honest with his friends- about his personal mission against the witches, the depth of his burden, or Sophia Bedeaux.

Everything comes to a head when Lucian's past collides with his present and threatens all he has come to care for. If he can manage to trust in Storm’s abilities, Lucian could find his way out of the curse and back to the only woman he could ever love.

Angeline Corsova is a secret-keeper. Former assistant to the now deceased Trin Sullivan, she landed in the middle of a supernatural war where she vacillates between the hunter and the hunted. Seraphs, Vampires, Immortals, a Phoenix, and the Emerald vying for her attention and her help.

WHISKEY, MYSTICS and MEN is just over 25,000 words and includes spoilers from books one and two as well as some teasers for book three, END OF THE NIGHT to be released Summer 2012

It began with tragedy.
It continued with rebirth.
Now the epic Emerald Seer Series continues with LOVE HER MADLY.

Storm Sullivan's problems heat up as secrets and prophecies are unraveled to reveal her true enemy. After a devastating betrayal, Storm and her friends are forced to reevaluate their plans and reinforce their alliances.

Interwoven with the modern day tale is Damarra and Roane's love story spanning a time before written word through the improbable birth of their child who would one day come to be known as the Anomaly and ultimately, Storm's father.


The apartment sat empty but for a few boxes scattered about the kitchen and living room.  Storm lifted one and headed out to the small moving truck.  Dan and Shane were still arguing over the placement of the last load she took out.  Two absolutely gorgeous men, brothers and her closest friends, they spent more time bickering than moving.  At least they loaded the furniture on the back of the truck before laying into each other today.  She paused for a moment to appreciate the scenery, rippling muscles glistening with sweat down to the waistbands of their matching mesh shorts.  Storm thought of all the times she’d turned them down – separately and together – maybe she shouldn’t have.   She pictured herself running her fingers through their silky, sand-colored hair, tracing the contours of their defined chests, sliding down their six pack abs, teasing the waistlines of their shorts, could be the best first time ever.  Maybe she could start a new journal and label it “Seer Sexcapades.”  Storm chuckled to herself, her only sex experiences came in the form of romance novels, her dirty pleasure.  Man, she was on a roll today, too bad it existed only in her head.
“Guys, there are three boxes left in the apartment, since I have handled the last several loads while you two stood here bickering I am going to call it a day.  I am taking Pac Man and heading over to the manor.  You don’t have to lock up but please don’t take too much longer, alright?  I promised the landlord I’d be out by dark.”  Storm dropped the box on the ground next to the others and slipped into her Beetle where Pac Man waited.  He was already drooling, his tongue hanging out to one side and his little eyes flickering beneath their lids.  She’d found the pit bull at a humane society in Alabama.  They had tried to talk her out of it because he’d been abused and was scheduled to be put down due to his ferocity.  Apparently nobody could get close to him.  Still, Storm had a vision about the dog saving her and checked animal shelters in every place she lived.  It took eight months but she knew him the moment she saw him.  When she approached his cage, Pac Man stopped growling and started to whimper.  As long as Storm stayed with him, Pac Man allowed the staff to check him over and administer shots.  They released him to her care with just a little magical coercion.  So, Pac Man stayed with her. 

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