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FIRST LOVE BLOG HOP: Paranormal Author Amy McClung

Amy McClung, Author

    Amy McClung dared to bring werewolves and vampires together in her Parker Harris Series books. Not only are they together, but Parker the werewolf falls in love with a vampire – unheard of.  

Amy loves movies, so if she’s not reading one of her beloved fantasy novels, she and her husband are probably viewing one of the movies from their large collection in a room decorated with movie memorabilia.

Be sure to check out the brief excerpts of her books following the book descriptions.

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Q: What inspired you to write about werewolves?  

Amy McClung: I've always enjoyed reading books about paranormal creatures.  Werewolves and vampires have been some of my favorite and there are so many different things you can do with them that it makes it easier to create your own world.  My main character is a werewolf and I wanted to show a different side of werewolves through her insecurities and fears.

Q: One of your reviewers pointed out, “What a nice twist the author gives us in this paranormal romance pairing vampires and werewolves together romantically and as friends.” Are vampires better than werewolves? Are they usually not together? What made you decide to put them together? 

Amy McClung: I haven't read too many books where vampires and werewolves are together.  Many times they are painted as enemies.  Forbidden love is always a big thing in romance it seems and since they are born to be enemies I thought it would be a nice twist to have them fall in love instead. 

Q: How important is the small town setting to your story? Do werewolves only appear in small towns? 

Amy McClung:  I chose the town Cascade, Idaho because there are wolves in that area.  Parker, the main character, has kept this a secret for two years so it seemed that would be easiest in an area where it wouldn’t be odd to see wolves.  In a large city someone is bound to see a wolf and find it strange.  I also chose the town due to the waterfalls in the area.  It ties in with the relationship of the main couple.

Q:  Are you primarily writing for YA readers, or do you believe your story is for all ages? 

Amy McClung: I mainly write for YA with my current series. However, I've had men and women of all ages, from 16-65, tell me they have really enjoyed reading it.  I think my first book was truly geared toward a younger crowd based on the events that happen to the teens.  As the books progress, the characters mature and the material is relatable to a wide range of ages.

Q: Do you write purely for your readers’ entertainment? Or do you incorporate messages to your readers?   

Amy McClung: I write for entertainment mostly.  However, there are some messages involved.  I think most books have messages underlying the entertainment portion, even if it wasn’t intended.  I think that is why many people give books a hard time if they feel they are 'giving off the wrong message'.  I am one that likes to slide those messages into the entertainment in a very subtle way. 

Q: Why are you a writer?  When did you first know that you wanted to be a writer?  

Amy McClung: I did a little writing when I was younger, but never thought anything would come of it.  In 2011, I went through a life-changing event and needed something to keep me from being too stressed. My husband suggested writing.  I sat down and started to write a book, using it as therapy and then discovered how to self-publish.  Once I started writing, I fell in love with it.  It gives me a chance to escape reality for a bit and get lost in a fantasy world just like reading does.  I've always loved to read and many times I get frustrated at the direction a story takes so writing gives me the chance to have the ending I want for a change.

Q:  Tell us something about yourself: do you like movies? What do you do when you’re not writing? Hobbies? Favorite author?    

Amy McClung: Movies are a big hobby for me. My husband and I have a huge collection of movies and memorabilia.  Our living room is decorated in Harry Potter décor, to give you an idea.  Another hobby I have is reading, I now read at least 3 books a month.  My favorite author, there are several of them here lately.  J.K. Rowling, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Brenda Pandos, Tabatha Vargo, Molly Harper, Rachel Caine, just to name a few. My favorite authors are the ones that have never disappointed me in their writing, every book has been fantastic and I would read them repeatedly.

About Amy McClung

Amy McClung was born in Nashville, TN. She is the second oldest of four girls. She married Daniel McClung in September 2005 and they currently reside just outside of Nashville. She graduated from Father Ryan High School in 1996. In 2002 she obtained her general certification in medical coding and billing and in 2009 she obtained a specialty certification in Hospital medical coding and billing.

Amy and her husband are both fans of fantasy novels as well as avid movie collectors. The Parker Harris Series is the first series of books by this author. CASCADES OF MOONLIGHT is Book #1; DREAMS, SPELLS, AND MOONLIT TALES is Book #2; and the third book is set to be released in the Summer of 2013.

Amy’s favorite past times include watching movies, drawing, and reading fantasy novels. Her first book was a means of therapy for her as it enabled her to escape reality for a while during a difficult transition in her life.
About the Books

CASCADES OF MOONLIGHT (The Parker Harris Series Book #1)

Parker Harris isn’t your typical teenage girl, not completely at least. For the past two years she has been struggling once a month with the extreme pain of shifting into a werewolf. She faces the challenge of keeping this secret from those she loves until one day a stranger comes into town and he knows that secret somehow. Now she has to face an even bigger challenge. She is falling in love...with a Vampire, of all things. Murder, Betrayal, Love, Deception, Friendship, and Loyalty, fill the pages of this book.

DREAMS, SPELLS AND MOONLIT TALES (The Parker Harris Series Book #2)
A mistake from Parker's past is revealed and proves to be more enormous than she realized. DREAMS, SPELLS, AND MOONLIT TALES summarizes the events of Parker's life in this book.


CASCADES OF MOONLIGHT (The Parker Harris Series Book #1)
“Vampires and Werewolves have been myths turned into movies, books, and plays for hundreds of years. Everyone has heard of them, everyone has their own interpretation of what they are and the ways you can kill them. Some people say that Vampires are creatures of the night that can’t walk in the sun and are killed by wooden stakes, burned by holy water or torn apart by other vampires. Some say vampires can’t go in the sun because their skin sparkles like diamonds. There are stories of vampire slayers and there are werewolf hunters.

As many stories as there are, you would think more people would believe these creatures exist. I mean, how else would there be so much talk about something that never existed? How would there be so many ideas that are so closely related? Maybe some people just don’t want to believe because they are scared of the possibilities it could bring, scared to face the reality that monsters are real. Of all the myths, the part of how to kill a vampire is quite limited. There is no easy way to kill a vampire unless you are a master vampire or a werewolf. Luckily, I am a werewolf.”

DREAMS, SPELLS, AND MOONLIT TALES (The Parker Harris Series Book #2)

“Barely able to open my eyes, I croaked out, "Don't go…please…don’t leave me alone. I'm scared…" His face whipped back to look at me, when he heard my voice, and I saw that his fangs were out. His face was a mask of anguish. He began moving back toward me, but reached up, felt his teeth, and turned back again to leave and was gone in a flash. The blood had made him hungry, he hasn’t fed in a while and he was losing control. He had no other choice but to leave me there, dying. Fear washed over me with the realization that I was going to die here, these injuries are too severe for my wolf powers to heal me, I could feel my body growing weaker by the minute. Gloom was closing over me; pain enveloped my body, and I couldn’t fight closing my eyes anymore. All I wanted was the pain to stop. I invited the darkness to encompass me, with the promise that I would hurt no more.”


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CASCADES OF MOONLIGHT (The Parker Harris Series Book 1) 

DREAMS, SPELLS, AND MOONLIT TALES (The Parker Harris Series Book 2) 


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