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CHECK IT OUT: Character Interview by Joyce T. Strand, Author

Joyce T Strand, Author
Dangerous Changes
Coming November 8, 2017
Following is an interview with my newest character sleuth, Emily Lazzaro, who is here to introduce the cover of her first mystery, Dangerous Changes, and let us know that the book will be released on Wednesday, November 8, 2017.

Fans of my other books might recall that Emily is the daughter of the winemaker at Brynn Bancroft’s Hilltop Sunset winery. When we last encountered her in OVERCAST SUNSET, she had just broken up with her fiancé and is heading back home to Ramona, Calif.

Q:  Hey, Emily Lazzaro. What do you think about being the newest Joyce T. Strand sleuth in your first mystery, Dangerous Changes?

Emily Lazzaro: I’m not so sure about it.

Q: Why? What’s happening?

Emily Lazzaro: First, I broke up with my fiancé. Then I had a frightening experience on the way home one night from a meeting where a pickup truck deliberately tried to run me off a curvy mountain road. It was quite scary. Then the brother of the man who tried to run me off the road…but I can’t go into that. Anyway I just can’t seem to make the changes that will get me to where I want to go. Whenever I try, something dangerous happens to me—there’s even been a murder. Can you believe it?

Q: What changes do you want to make?

Emily Lazzaro: At the moment, to make a living,  I’m preparing taxes for people to make a living but I’d sure like to make some changes to do something else. And my ex-finance keeps after me—like he wants us to get back together. We’re still friends, and I help him with his new business, but I’d like to look for a different relationship, and I’m not at all interested in his new business. However, his vineyard that he purchased just doesn’t provide him with enough money to make ends meet.

Q: So what made you decide to stay in the same town where your ex-fiancé lives?

Emily Lazzaro: I really like the rural community of Ramona. That’s another change I’d like to make. I want to live here permanently. I love the unique rocky terrain and proximity to the ocean and San Diego, along with the mixture of fine wineries, artists, and equestrian focus. I want to live here and make my life here. But I need to find a different career than that of tax preparer.

Q: Thank you so much for this interview. I can hardly wait for your first book which will be released Wednesday, November 8, 2017.


A series of events rattle Emily Lazzaro: a near-death encounter with a pickup on a narrow mountain road, the murder of a would-be client, and an ex-fiancé who won’t let go. Can she survive a police investigation, pressure from her ex’s company, and the suspicions of a possible new love-interest—so that she can make the changes to create a meaningful new life in a special town in southern California?

About Joyce T. Strand, Author

Joyce T. Strand is the author of who-done-it contemporary and historical mysteries set in California. Actual events and/or real people inspired all of her published novels, although they are definitely fictionalized. Dangerous Changes is her ninth book.

Strand headed corporate communications at several biotech and high-tech companies in California's Silicon Valley for more than 25 years. Unlike her protagonist Jillian Hillcrest, however, she did not encounter murder in her career. She currently lives with her collection of cow statuary in Ramona, California, and enjoys exploring and writing about the growing wine region in the Ramona Valley near San Diego.

Twitter: @joycetstrand 

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