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WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Skylar Nightingale, New Adult Romance Author

Skylar Nightingale, Author
Skylar Nightingale brings us her second novel, BOUND TO YOU, a new adult romance featuring characters  between 19 and 22 years old “still discovering who they are.” BOUND TO YOU  tells the story from the perspectives of a 19-year-old and her favorite singer. Although she wrote her newest novel for entertainment, she says that there is a message, “Love conquers all.”

Nightingale has been writing since the third grade. She likes characters with “a lot of personality.” She spends most of her spare time writing, but she also likes to listen to music, spend time with her family, and read. She is currently working on a new Young Adult novel.

Don’t miss the excerpt following the interview.

Q: Would you categorize your new romance, BOUND TO YOU, as a contemporary or new adult romance? Why?

Skylar Nightingale: I would categorize it as a new adult romance because of the age range. The characters are between 19 and 22 years old. They are still discovering who they are and who they want to be in the story. The characters are also finding out about love.

Q: A reviewer mentions that BOUND TO YOU is “full of unpredictable twists.” Do you view romance in general as a moving relationship of ups-and-downs? Or just the romance of your protagonists?

Skylar Nightingale: I view romance as a moving relationship of ups-and-downs.

Q: What will make readers care about your characters? 

Skylar Nightingale: My characters have a lot personality. You can hear their voices through narration and in dialogue. This helps readers to get to know them and care about them.

Q: How helpful is humor to develop your characters or their romance?

 Skylar Nightingale: Humor is important to a certain extent.  Some characters are more humorous than others in my stories. In each of my stories so far, the side character or the friend is the one who displays a large comical personality.

Q: What do readers like to read in a satisfactory romance? What will they not tolerate?

Skylar Nightingale: Many readers, including me, like to read stories with a HEA (happily ever after). Readers, this also includes me, do not tolerate stories where children are getting hurt.

Q: You have written BOUND TO YOU from the perspective of two protagonists. That is, one chapter is told from the point of view of the female protagonist followed by the same events from the male protagonist. Why did you choose this approach?

Skylar Nightingale: I wanted the reader to know each individual, to see how they are thinking in the same time span. I wanted to share how each character is experiencing the same moment and how they feel within that moment.

Q: Does the concept of heroes versus villains apply to your story? Do villains impede the progress of the lovers?

Skylar Nightingale: There isn’t any real villain, except the ex-boyfriend who cheats on Nina.

Q: Did you write BOUND TO YOU solely to entertain your readers or did you embed some key messages?

Skylar Nightingale: I wrote BOUND TO YOU solely for entertainment purposes, but there is a message--love conquers all.

Q:  What’s next?

Skylar Nightingale:  I am currently working on a Young Adult (YA) romance.

Q: Tell us about Skylar Nightingale. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Skylar Nightingale: I like to spend time with my family, listen to music, and read.

About Skylar Nightingale

Skylar Nightingale grew up in Syracuse, NY where she internalized ideas and events into stories. Skylar discovered her talent when she was in 3rd grade, winning every writing contest except one. When she moved to South Carolina, she entered a writing competition, coming in third place against thousands. 

Her first published novel is called FORBIDDEN ACTS. Skylar Nightingale’s second New Adult Romance, BOUND TO YOU was released on April 5th. 

When Skylar isn’t behind her keyboard banging out amazing worlds and characters, she can be found spending time with her family, reading, or listening to music.

Nineteen year-old Nina Stevens never dreamt it would be possible to meet her favorite singer, Terry Rayborn, until she wins backstage passes and tickets to see the megastar in concert.

Meeting Terry is surreal, but Nina can’t figure out the immense attraction she feels for someone she just met. Surely, it is physical. After Terry slips her his number and she gives him a call, she begins to second-guess her heart. Although she has a boyfriend, her connection with Terry is undeniable. Then she catches her boyfriend cheating, shattering her world forever.

Single and broken, Nina jumps at the chance to be in Terry’s music video. As they spend time together, their feelings intensify and Terry desires to have her in his life forever. She wants him more than she ever wanted anyone, but the fear of being hurt engulfs her. Now she must decide if she wants him in her life permanently or avoid another broken heart and run.

Dear Nina,

Ever since I met you back stage at my concert, you penetrated my heart, and there was no turning back.

Despite the fact that you told me you had a boyfriend, I still wanted you to be in my life, so I asked if we could remain friends. Unfortunately, he shattered your world forever when you caught him cheating on you. Although broken, I vowed to comfort you through it all.

Your beauty’s so profound, inside and out, I wanted you to be in my music video. I was pleasantly surprised when you agreed to do it. During that time, our relationship grew, and I knew I wanted you in my life forever. Then you pulled away repeatedly, allowing the fear of getting hurt again to engulf you.

Now, I’m damaged and alone, and don’t know how much more my heart can take. I need to know, are you going to keep me in your life or avoid another broken heart and run?

I hope you choose me because I’m Bound to You.

Love always,
Terry Rayborn


Chapter 5

Terry Rayborn’s bodyguard told us to line up in an orderly fashion so everyone could get their turn with him. As the bodyguard motioned with two fingers for the first girl to move forward, Terry stood next to him. I was the 5th in line. My stomach began swirling with excitement as I got closer. These types of moments only happened in my imagination. I became so eager; I didn’t realize I began to feel nauseated. Running to the restroom, I placed my head over the toilet. I continuously gagged but nothing came out. I guess I’m just experiencing queasiness from this eventful night. I exhaled sharply. Wonderful. One of the most remarkable moments in my life and this is how I spend it. As I gargled with warm water from the sink, I heard a knock on the door and then it slightly pushed opened. It was a guy’s voice.

“Hey, are you alright?” 

I gasped. Looking down in amazement, thoughts began running through my mind. It can’t be him. If it is, he really does value his fans, especially since he is bold enough to come into the women’s restroom.   

“Can I come in?” he asked.

“Yeah. Sure.” He walked closer with a look of concern.

“Do you need anything?” A confused frown formed in the middle of his forehead.

“No. I’m okay.” I smiled.

He smiled back. I screamed inside. Oh, my goodness Terry Rayborn smiled at me. I couldn’t believe I was behaving this way. Moving closer to me, he reached out and touched me on the shoulder. His touch enticed me to the core, infusing me in places I had yet to discover. I looked down at his hand through wide eyes, then looked back at him.

“I know I shouldn’t be in here but I wanted to make sure you were okay. So are you sure you’re okay?” He chuckled.

“Sure, I’m fine.” I waved my hand as if it’s no big deal. I mean, it wasn’t every day that I got to talk to Terry Rayborn.

He cleared his throat. Looking uncomfortable as he pulled in his lips, he moved his hand from my shoulder. And for a brief moment, I pondered his uneasiness. What would make him react that way?

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes. I think we should head back out there. There are still more fans I would like to interact with.”

“Did I lose my chance to get a picture?”

“Of course not.”

“Whew.” I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand.

He squinted his eyes as if he were trying to read my thoughts. Oh, how I wished I knew what he was thinking.

“Let’s walk back together,” he suggested.

“Are you sure?”

“Why not?”

We walked toward the door, and he opened it for me.

“Thank you.”

As I walked out, I noticed Jalissa’s agitated look. She mouthed the words, “save some for us.”


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