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WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Jade Whitfield, Author

Jade Whitfield, Author
Jade Whitfield has written FOREVER LOVE that “combines romance and drama” for teens over 17.  Reviewers like its “heart moving” story and appreciate its uniqueness in that it covers “a somewhat taboo nature.” Whitfield wrote it primarily to entertain but she also hopes that people can relate to the situation and learn from it.

Whitfield currently enjoys spending time with her son and loves to read. She is working on the next book Forever Together.

Q: Your new book FOREVER LOVE has been described by reviewers as a “heart moving teen love story” that’s “unique” as well as both “sweet” and “hot.” Would you place it in the “romance” genre or any other? What do you consider to be the key characteristics of this genre? Why is FOREVER LOVE “unique?”

Jade Whitfield: I would definitely place FOREVER LOVE in the romance genre. I think the key characteristics to this particular genre are an emotional and gripping story, and of course a 'Happily Ever After'.

Forever Love is 'unique' due to the heartbreaking undertone. Liv, the main female character is harbouring a terrible secret that until revealed keeps her from becoming happy. Noah's job is to knock down her walls and force her to feel.

Q: Reviewers find your characters to be “relatable.” How do you help readers to care about them, especially Liv, your protagonist?

Jade Whitfield: Liv is a normal teenage girl in terms of she just wants to have fun. She's not looking for love and she is definitely no shrinking violet. We live in a generation now where women aren't held back by their gender and whereas before they would be judged for acting promiscuous or loud or fiery, it’s a much more even playing field now. Liv is feisty and sassy but also broken inside. She sticks her walls up to protect herself and that is key. Liv reacts to a certain situation as many people would but it surprisingly is rarely depicted in books.

Q: How do you connect with the “psyche” of a teenager? Are you primarily targeting teenage readers or is FOREVER LOVE for all ages?

Jade Whitfield: Well I'm only 22 so I wasn’t a teenager that long ago. I think teenagers are a lot more mature minded now as well. They’re much more aware of the world we live in. FOREVER LOVE, in my opinion, is probably for the ages of seventeen and above. The language is quite colorful since they do have quite the potty mouths.

Q: Does the concept of “heroes versus villains” play a role in your story? Are there villains?

Jade Whitfield: Yes, but that’s not primary to the story, which is also unlike other books. There are villains who do get their comeuppances throughout the book but the main villain is Liv herself. Those who have read it will know exactly what I mean.

Q: How important is humor to telling your story? Does it help readers engage with your characters?

Jade Whitfield: Very. I think in FOREVER LOVE there are moments where your heart is breaking and you can’t help balling your eyes out so the humour really gives some relief after some of the heavier scenes. Also, I think having some comedic characters is just perfect; they’re usually the ones you fall in love with.

Q: How supportive is setting to telling your story, i.e., does moving from the city of Atlanta to a small town help flesh out the drama?

Jade Whitfield: A little. There are settings in the book that are more important than others in the book. There are ones that hold a certain significance. Also what the settings represent is important. For instance Atlanta holds a lot of angst and sadness whereas Franklin signifies renewal and new beginnings.

Q: Did you write FOREVER LOVE strictly to entertain readers in a good story? Or did you want to deliver a message? Or provide instruction or insight?

Jade Whitfield: I hope that it entertains people! There isn’t so much a message, more of a situation that some people can relate to and hopefully learn from. I think there are some people who absolutely will be able to relate to Liv’s journey and Liv’s past and hopefully take some of the lessons that she has had to learn the hard way and make good use of them. I think that reading about a situation a character is going through that is relatable puts things into perspective.

Q: Why did you choose to write FOREVER LOVE in first person? Did you find it a useful tool?

Jade Whitfield: Yes it’s just how I prefer to write. I think it gives a unique insight into the characters mindsets and how they’re feeling. I think you get more of a feel of their personalities.

Q: What’s next? I notice that FOREVER LOVE is the first of a series. Are you working on the next Liv romance?

Jade Whitfield: Well, I was originally going to start a new series called THE PRINCIPESSA but due to the success of FOREVER LOVE I have pushed that back and instead brought the release of FOREVER TOGETHER forward so that it will be released before the year is out. FOREVER LOVE was originally going to be a standalone novel but it has grown so much and will now be a five part series. Though Liv and Noah will feature in the next book, their story is over for now. They're getting their happily ever after. The next book is about Brady and Cindy who were both characters in FOREVER LOVE. From feedback from readers, Brady is definitely a fan favourite and the next book will definitely have plenty of comedy and also a little heartbreak in it as well.

Q: Tell us about Jade Whitfield? What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Jade Whitfield: Probably reading. I have a young son so he takes most of my time up and I’m a HUGE book worm. Reading was my first passion and that has eventually led to writing. I’m just a normal girl from the West Midlands really who just happens to write stories and stick them on Amazon. Right now, apart from my son and the usual in life, marketing FOREVER LOVE and writing FOREVER TOGETHER are taking up the bulk of my time.

About Jade Whitfield

As a passionate reader and writer, Jade Whitfield loves nothing more than a good cup of coffee and a sweet romance. A fan of 'Happily Ever After', she believes that everyone should find their own forever love and is committed to telling stories to inspire that. 


Beautiful and sassy, Liv Preston constantly has guys falling at her feet. Guys break you though, they use you and spit you out, leaving you a broken mess on the floor. No, Liv is much too smart to let that happen, instead choosing to go down the route of the ultimate female player.

Handsome and arrogant, Noah Travers is the ultimate catch. The star quarterback with a Greek God physique, he's too young and there are way too many girls out there for him to commit to one relationship.

When Liv moves from Atlanta to the tiny town of Franklin to live with her Dad, she has no idea that her life is about to change. The second Noah claps eyes on his new step-sister, its love at first sight. Now all the reformed former player has to do is convince his beautiful, yet broken new step-sister that he's the guy for her. All Liv has to do, is trust her hot as hell new step-brother not to break her.

Can their relationship survive secrets that have been hidden for years though? Can it survive the enemies that seem to lurk around every corner?

Families will be tested, secrets revealed. Will it all be worth it for FOREVER LOVE?



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