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WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Euphonos Aus, Author

Euphonos Aus, Author
Euphonos Aus has just released the second volume of WINGS OF EMOTION. Reviewers tout her books of free verse and narrative poems as a “compilation of deep and thought provoking poems,” particularly about romance. Euphonos says “If readers can feel the love in their heart and remember the ones they love, my job is done.”

She currently lives in Melbourne, is an engineer by profession, and loves to stay at home and watch TV for relaxation, when she’s not reading, writing, or blogging.

Don't miss the short excerpt from her most recent book following her interview.

Q: Reviewers of your previous book PIECES OF TIME say “this author has a knack for writing romance.”  What makes a good romance? How do you succeed with WINGS OF EMOTION VOLUME II?

Euphonos: The whole spine of the “True Love” series is romance and true love. I think good romance is more about the intimacy that develops in time beyond the world of reasons and practical decisions.

Perhaps the reviewers wrote this because the romance in PIECES OF TIME surpasses the expectation of novel-romance. I should tell you, there is no iota of passion or excitement but it is a love story of trust and belief in search of her true love and whether destiny will bind them together.

My new book is a sequel to the first poetry book WINGS OF EMOTION VOLUME I. Well, the poems reflect raw emotions dealing with love, grief, loss and your inner soul. As always, I pour my heart out and write bluntly what’s in my mind and hope I have succeeded.

Q: How did you conceive of the story for your newest book? What inspired you to write it?

Euphonos: There’s no story in poetry but there’s a story in every poem I wrote in this volume undoubtedly. My thoughts I can say are true source of inspiration. The thought to feel free from the heaviness, the pure reflection of my soul and the ones around me made me write these poems.

Q: You write both poetry and prose. Do you prefer one over the other? Does writing poetry help you write prose?

Euphonos: Readers are the best judges, I must admit. Since my first book is a collection of poems written like a conversation in a natural language, more prose-like but sounds less than the usual poetry substance equated with so-called rhythmic element here and there. Yet, there is a similar pattern of recurrence that’s present. Nevertheless, I cannot definitely agree or come to a conclusion as to what I really write, poetry or prose. All I can say is it is a language I discovered for myself to tell the world what I feel.

Q: How helpful is setting to telling your story?

Euphonos: Well, the poetry does not really have much to do with the setting. Every poem I write, the image flashes and pictures keep me going. Like the poem, “BLUE EYED ESCAPE” from my next book which talks about a girl who is trying to escape while the boy admires and falls in love. So, I only see the characters and the sense of feeling than the time or place or period. On the other hand, PIECES OF TIME has got a lot to do with the setting. The whole story that revolves around the protagonist, Linda happens in Gladstone {small town I created}. So, it is a definite helpful factor, I believe.

Q: Why do readers care about your characters? What do you do to help readers engage with them?

Euphonos: I think characters are the driving force for any story. So, if readers can relate to any of the characters, they will find it more engaging and keeps them interested to the core. I feel connected with some stories when the main character is challenging and energetic rather than playing the victim. I feel attached when there’s emotional aspect and values. It might differ from one to other but certainly it is in the hands of the writer to make the story come alive.

Q: Does the concept of “villain” vs “hero” apply to your stories? Who are the heroes in a romance?

Euphonos: Hahaha!!! So far, there’s no villain in my story. Ian Baker, the high-school crush of Linda closely justifies the sense of “villain” maybe!!!

Q:  You are a “techie” by profession. How do you bridge your creative and techie selves? Do they ever interfere or help with each other?

Euphonos:  Surprisingly, the techie geek in me is dormant while I am writing. So, I never really had to try bridging between my professional front and my writer’s world. Maybe, the urge to write from a very young age and the love for books, the classic characters is an imprint of who I am and what I am doing today.

Q: Do you write to entertain your readers? Educate? Deliver a message?

Euphonos: I am sure there is a strong reason to carve every beautiful story. Also, in today’s world, people have wide variety of choices for entertainment. For me, I grew up reading books and so fond of every book I read, I never feel there’s a bad book out there or there’s a book with no message.

I strongly believe every book has a message, something we can learn from and entertaining in my opinion is purely an individual’s perception. Some might get entertained watching a movie while others would enjoy spending time with friends and so on. People who read books are so fond of them that there’s no scope for entertainment but a sense of joyous way to spend their time.
My books have a story to be told. There is a message in every book I write. If readers can feel the love in their heart and remember the ones they love, my job is done.

Q: What’s next?

Euphonos:  Hmmm…I have a couple of projects in mind but it is in the interest of my heart and time I get to bring them alive. Long before I began PIECES OF TIME or the just –released second volume of WINGS OF EMOTION, I was writing a children’s story “Poppy & Granny”. Perhaps, I will resume working on that. It is very close to my heart. I am sure the kids will enjoy this short story about a girl “Poppy” living in the woods with her Granny and a cat.

Q: Tell us about Euphonos Aus. What do you like to do when you’re not writing or working?

Euphonos: I love watching television and just cherish being at home. Sometimes when the weather isn’t tricky, I go fruit-picking and basically I just adore nature. Also, my interest is settling for photography and knitting. So, that will add onto my leisure hours.

About Euphonos by Euphonos

“I am an avid reader, blogger and author of  WINGS OF EMOTION Volumes 1 and II and PIECES OF TIME. Growing up reading classics has always fascinated my belief in fairy tales. Also, I always had the flair for writing when I was a kid. I am an Engineer by profession. But, there is a born writer within me who has great passion to pen what I believe in.

I live in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, a very happening place. Yet, I am one of those who enjoys sitting at home in my pajamas and watching television. I love living my life the way it is and for who I am and have no regrets. Now, don’t fall for that!!! I do have regrets. Nevertheless, the curiosity to live my life and wish for something miraculous has never left me peaceful. Also, you will always find me with a book in hand.

“My first work includes poetry intertwined with human emotions of love, grief, loss of loved ones in a free verse equated with rhythm and sometimes my writing is breezy. You’ll find me lovable.” 


What lies beyond the poet’s mind?
 A chance of unknown fate, Poems that speaks one’s life, regrets that come    uninvited while living a wonderful imperfect life with a sense of happiness and wishful ways to spend rest of our lives is what it is all about the second volume.

A profound testament to unconditional love, loss and hope, this free flowing verse paints a picture of the first breathless moments of new love to the heartache of letting go.  Each word is a swath of elegance and grace that will linger in the halls of your memory for years to come.

You can reach her @AeuphonosBook
Instagram: aeuphonos
Pinterest: aeuphonos

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