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WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Author Aileen Gibb, Guest Post in the VOICE of Future-Guide Tashia

Aileen Gibb, Author
Author Aileen Gibb has written a collection of fictional stories entitled VOICES, A COACHING STORY TO INSPIRE YOUR FUTURE. In VOICES, Gibb offers fictional stories that incorporate the choices we make that might assist us in achieving the life we want to live.  A “future-guide” weaves throughout the stories to suggest key messages for an improved future world.

Aileen Gibb is a world-wide coach and facilitator. Originally from Scotland, she currently lives in Canada with her husband and their two dogs.

In the following guest story, Gibb’s future-guide Tashia -- “the voice of the questions that inspire your future” -- offers some tips for us to follow to achieve “whatever we wish for.” Don't miss the opportunity to join the VOICES Virtual Book Blog Tour at the end of this post.

If Anything Were Possible
By Aileen Gibb
In the VOICE of  Future-Guide Tashia

I am Tashia: river of your soul, earth of your spirit, air of your voice and fire of your being. I am the infinite space of possibility. I am the voice of the questions that inspire your future. When you listen, you hear my voice asking again and again – if anything were possible, what is it you want to do, be, feel, have, experience, offer or receive in life. What do you wish for?

As you tap into your daily thoughts and feelings, you can ask the questions that capture your innermost desires. When you listen deeply to these desires, and truly hear them, they become your call to action. The call to your inspired future. 

*Practice AWARENESS in everything you do. Be aware of your reasons for doing something or for saying no to something. Practice awareness in every conversation, listening for the opportunities it might present for you. As you become more aware of what’s possible, quiet your inner voice – the voice that says you can’t do that – and invite in the voice of courage and trust that enables you to step into something you may not have experienced before. Let it inspire you to take the next step.

*Be more ACCEPTING of each situation you find yourself in. Don’t waste energy fighting when things are beyond your immediate control. Rather search for what you can accept about the current situation. Accept that your experience is what it is. Acceptance means observing – it does not mean you agree with something being right or wrong. From this place of acceptance and observation, you can open up to seeing aspects and perspectives you might not otherwise have appreciated were there. Once you accept a situation or experience it for what it is, you can start to ask what your next step will be.

*Own your CHOICES. One of the challenges in life is not that you don’t have choice – rather that you have so many choices you are sometimes paralyzed as to what to do with them. Make a choice – any choice- that moves you forward. Until you see where that choice is going to take you, you can’t know how it impacts your future. There’s nothing worse than staying still and not making a choice.

*Take time to REFLECT on each step of your journey. Today’s busy world means you often don’t slow down enough to reflect fully on what you are learning, how much you are growing, and what strength you are gaining. What is truly emerging for you? Stop and reflect on what you need and how you can go about getting it. As you reflect more inwardly, you change your reflection out into the world and others see you differently. In leadership, the success of any team or organization is a direct reflection of who the leader is. Consider what you want to reflect out into the world for others to follow.

*Have a regular routine for your own RENEWAL. Whether you need time on your own to walk and be replenished by nature, whether you need a good night’s sleep, whether you need to re-ignite your commitment to the gym or to yoga class, whether you need to eat better food to support your body. Ask when you feel most renewed and make it part of your daily or weekly routine for yourself.

Ask again – if anything were possible, what is it you want to do, be feel, have, experience, offer or receive in life? Regularly ask this key question to inspire your future. Make a list – don’t edit or delete anything, trust your inner voice to let your inspired future list emerge. Once you’ve got it, keep it handy, and ask yourself what do you need to take the first steps to making all come true?

I am Tashia – may life bring all you wish for. 

About the author, Aileen Gibb

Aileen Gibb is an inspirational coach, facilitator and leader whose work has taken her around the globe. She has worked with leaders and teams in Kazakhstan, Venezuela, the Middle East, France, Angola and in many companies in the UK and North America, to uncover new possibilities and transform results. Where she has travelled she has been amazed at the power of coaching-style conversations and the choices people make to become more successful in their work and to live more fulfilling lives. Aileen is from the small village of Fyvie, in North East Scotland and has lived for the past twelve years amidst the rocky mountain in Canmore, Alberta, Canada with her husband, Jake and their two boxer dogs. Aileen thanks you for your interest in VOICES, please let her know how it inspires you.

VOICES is a series of connected coaching stories which reflect many of the real-life choices people might consider making to live the life they truly wish for. All the stories are fiction and her hope is that one of the stories – or one of the questions in one of the stories – might resonate with your life story and invite you to make a choice. The coaching stories are interwoven with the musings of a future-guide who travels to and from a parallel time, considering what the key messages are for inspiring a better future society.
VOICES is available for purchase now and although Aileen has some upfront costs to recoup, as soon as it starts to generate profit, funds from the book sales will be going to support people going through cancer to access complementary therapies such as acupuncture, which are proven to mitigate the extreme fatigue and other side-effects of cancer treatments. 
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