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WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY: Author and Nutritionist Patricia Dean-Escoto

Patricio Dean-Escoto,  Author

Author and Nutritionist Patricia Dean-Escoto features her book THE TOP TEN SUPERFOODS FOR PREVENTING BREAST CANCER. A breast-cancer survivor, Patricia believes that we should place more emphasis on preventing breast cancer, and writes about the value of nutrition. She is currently working on her next book on nutrition, exercise, and cancer recovery.

Patricia is an avid cyclist and when she’s not writing likes to put in 100 miles a week on her bike.

Q:  Your book THE TOP TEN SUPERFOODS FOR PREVENTING BREAST CANCER represents more than just a book. What inspired you to write it?  Tell us a little about your consulting business “Pathways2Healing.”

Patricio Dean-Escoto:  My intension for writing THE TOP TEN SUPERFOODS FOR PREVENTING BREAST CANCER was to share not only my personal story with readers, but to also help those interested in arming themselves against a deadly disease, that despite our best efforts, continues to claim thousands of lives each year.  I strongly believe the best way to cure cancer is to prevent it.  Sadly, only a tiny fraction of the billions of dollars collected each year, by the various charities and organizations throughout America, goes to educating the public about prevention. 

Having also worked in the Healthcare industry for a number of years, I have seen firsthand what insurance companies call wellness and prevention.  It’s a system of ‘managed’ care, one that is centered on illness after its onset rather than educating the public about what they can do to prevent disease.  Mainstream medicine considers the mammogram to be a part of a person’s prevention plan, along with the cessation of smoking.  However, by the time a tumor is detected in a mammogram, it has been growing for anywhere from 2 to 5 years.   

There is so much evidence showing a direct link between nutrition and the development of cancer, but no one is talking about it.  These were my main reasons for writing the book - to help those who want to focus on prevention. 

Q: What qualifies you as an author to write this book?  

Patricio Dean-Escoto:  Besides being a breast cancer survivor, I am also a certified nutritionist.  After my own diagnosis, I decided to go back to school to study nutrition and its effects on the body. 

Q: What would you list as the most important tip regarding foods and preventing breast cancer?

Patricio Dean-Escoto:  The most important tip I can give others regarding foods and the prevention of breast cancer is to know that our body is a fine tuned machine that requires good quality nutrition in the form of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.  Like our cars require gasoline to run, our body requires foods to function properly on a cellular level.   Therefore, it is important to consume good quality food in the form of organic fruits, vegetables, and meats.  Also, I would warn against consuming high amounts of empty calories.  These include sugars, soda, and highly processed foods.  These items are devoid of any nutrition and actually get in the way of our ability to digest and assimilate the nutrients we need.

Q: What kind of research do you use to corroborate your tips?

Patricio Dean-Escoto:  My research for my tips, as well as the research in my book, is based on hundreds of peer-reviewed studies done by such organizations as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), The New England Journal of Medicine, The American Cancer Society, and nutrition experts in the field.

Q:  One of your reviewers praised you for breaking down complicated information “into such a fact-filled and reader-friendly educational tool.” How did you make complicated information easy to understand?

Patricio Dean-Escoto:  My background is in education.  I have a master’s degree in training and performance improvement and spent years as an elementary school teacher and Instructional Designer.  I believe it was that experience that made it easy for me to turn highly technical and medical topics into language the average person could understand.  

Q: Why do you think we consumers—especially women with the highest likelihood of breast cancer—lack the knowledge you are sharing?

Patricio Dean-Escoto:  I don’t believe the current focus in the medical community is on nutrition as prevention, but rather on pharmaceuticals as a treatment.  Evidence of this is that nutrition courses in medical schools are offered as an elective.  Many physicians are simply not versed enough about the topic to share it with their patients.  The power of food has been known for thousands of years.  In fact, the father of Western Medicine, Hypocrites, is credited with saying ‘Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food’.  However, over the past 50 years, his philosophy has taken a backseat to the pharmaceutical industry and our own need for a quick fix.   This is what is being pushed on the public.  Additionally, we are constantly being bombarded with conflicting information when it comes to nutrition.  Every time a new study comes out, it’s talked about in 20-second blurbs by the media.  The full context of it is never accurately shared.

Q: How would you respond to skeptics who doubt that diet influences cancer onset?

Patricio Dean-Escoto:  Currently, there is so much evidence showing a direct correlation between diet and the development of cancer.  Food affects us on a cellular level.  We also know that cancer happens at the cellular level.  Based on this, it’s not hard to see the role poor nutrition plays in the development of cancer and, alternatively, how proper nutrition can help prevent this disease.     

Q: What’s next? Will you be writing additional books on this topic?

Patricio Dean-Escoto:  Yes.  I’ve currently completed my certification as a Cancer Exercise Specialist and am now working on a book on nutrition, exercise and cancer recovery.

Q: What do you do for fun when you’re not writing or running your business? Movies? Music? Books? Running?

Patricio Dean-Escoto:  When I’m not writing, I like to cycle.  I’m an avid cyclist and try to put about 100 miles a week on my bike.  

About Patricia Dean-Escoto

Patricia Dean-Escoto is a certified nutrition consultant and breast cancer survivor.  Born in Montclair, New Jersey, she earned her master’s degree in Education from Capella University.  She has more than 20 years of experience working in both the field of education and healthcare.  In 2006, after being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, Patricia returned to school to study nutrition.  She is a graduate of Bauman College, where she earned her certification as a Nutrition Consultant.   Recently, she hosted a year-long radio show called Pathways to Healing on the Voice America network where she interviewed experts in the field of health and wellness.  She is a Raw Foods chef and author of 'The Top Ten Superfoods for Preventing Breast Cancer'.  Patricia is also a Certified Cancer Physical Trainer.  Her company, Pathways2healing, works exclusively with cancer patients in the area of nutrition and exercise.  She lectures both locally and nationally on the topic of nutrition and cancer prevention.   She and her husband currently reside in Delaware.

The war on cancer has raged on for more than forty years.  Yet the incidence of breast cancer continues to rise with an average of 180,000 new cases reported each year.  In 2011, cancer surpassed heart disease as the number one killer of Americans.  All of this leads one to the natural conclusion that we are not winning this war.  While the medical community’s focus continues to be on treatment with the latest drug, nature has provided us with a natural way to help prevent this deadly disease.  In her new book, breast cancer survivor and nutrition consultant, Patricia Dean-Escoto reveals the top ten Super Foods for preventing breast cancer.    Written in clear, easy-to-understand language, citing numerous scientific research studies, The Top Ten Super Foods for Preventing Breast Cancer explains:

Estrogen’s role in the development of breast cancer
Environmental contributors to breast cancer
The role nutrition plays in the prevention of breast cancer
How inflammation contributes to breast cancer
The research-backed top ten foods for preventing breast cancer
Her H.E.A.L.T.H.Y.™ eating food model for cancer prevention


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