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FIRST LOVE BLOG HOP, Gothic, and Much-More Author Tammie Clarke Gibbs

Tammie Clarke Gibbs, Author
 Welcome Tammie Clarke Gibbs - FIRST LOVE BLOG HOP, Gothic and much-more author. Gibbs’ time travel gothic romance, ISLAND OF SECRETS, has been a Kindle Bestseller in three categories for sixteen consecutive months. She also has written more than a half-dozen books across many genres—romance, historical, and “how to.”

Gibbs describes herself as an “entrepreneurial diva”, and started her first business just two weeks after high school graduation. Today she is a realtor in Southern Georgia, when she isn’t writing.

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Q:  You write books in multiple genres – suspense, gothic, romance, historical, or time travel. Why? Which genre do you prefer? Why?

Tammie Clarke Gibbs: I love to write in genres I like to read and no matter what era a good suspense is always an exciting read. And when it comes to the romance, I believe that all good books have a love story somewhere. I guess I don’t prefer one so much over the other, but I do enjoy a time-travel story and my gothic/time travel has by far been my best-selling book.

Q:  Who is your favorite hero/heroine from all of your books? Who is your favorite villain? Why?

Tammie Clarke Gibbs: That’s a hard one. I love Lila and Shane from Island of Secrets. Not sure why, but their story just has a timeless quality.  As far as Villains go it’s hard for me to name names because in my books you may not know exactly who the villain is until the very end. I’ll just say that the villain in Keeping Secrets is something else.

Q: What do you do to make readers care about your characters?

Tammie Clarke Gibbs: I’m not sure I do anything in particular. Most of the readers who enjoy my books say my characters are well-rounded and believable despite their sometimes unbelievable circumstances or setting. All I can say is, most of my characters take over and tell me their story so if they come off as real, well I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. Perhaps I’m just a medium for history’s untold stories.

Q: Do you write purely for entertainment? Or are you trying to tell your readers something?  

Tammie Clarke Gibbs: I’m getting asked that particular question a lot lately. I don’t set out to tell my readers anything in particular. I think most authors tend to leave traces of themselves scattered across the pages of their stories. I write hoping that I will provide my readers with a story they can experience and enjoy.

Q: Why are you a writer? 

Tammie Clarke Gibbs: I believe that a writer writes. For some writers, their talent emerges in different ways. There are plenty of awesome writers that are merely using their talent within the scope of their chosen professions. I think being merely a writer, even a good one, is different than being a novelist much in the same way being a marketer is different. I’m a novelist because these stories come to me, and I’ve been blessed with the ability to tell stories in a way that is enjoyable to others.

Q: When did you first know that you wanted to be a writer?

Tammie Clarke Gibbs: I was discovered by my English teacher in the eleventh grade while taking a short story class. It changed the direction of my life.

Q:  Tell us something about yourself.

Tammie Clarke Gibbs: You could say that I’m an entrepreneurial diva. I started my first business just two weeks after High School graduation and have since owned a balloon business, a magazine publishing company, a design and marketing company and now I’m a Realtor.  I love wearing the different hats of a business owner and I’ve learned many things that have helped me in the new world of publishing from my previous business experiences.  I love horseback riding, reading, watching Vampire Diaries and I’m very involved in my church.

About Tammie Clarke Gibbs

Author of the Kindle Bestselling Gothic, ISLAND OF SECRETS, Tammie Clarke Gibbs employs a visionary style mixing genres and crossing boundaries. Her eclectic writing style mirrors her entrepreneurial business experience where she's known for wearing at least a dozen different hats.

Ms. Gibbs is a native of South Georgia where she lives with her husband, son and a very spoiled Maltese.

His Uncle was an eccentric determined to prove she existed.
Everyone thought the man was crazy.

Shane Alexander was determined to prove to the world that his family wasn't crazy...
That HE wasn't crazy.

It was working...
Until he made one mistake...
that would change his life forever...
and force him to question his own sanity.

Something was missing from Lila Fitzpatrick's life...
So doing a friend a favor...
and pretending to be someone else for a day seemed like a good idea at the time.

Then she finds a warning note...
from hundreds of years BEFORE she was born.

And then if that wasn't bad enough...
She met HIM...

For centuries a force has kept them apart...
But, will Love be enough to finally keep them together...
Or will history repeat itself?

A Time Travel- A Love Story filled with Suspense-A Mystery that will keep you guessing til the end...

Malden Grove, Illinois has no idea the trouble headed it's way... 

A daughter hell-bent on avenging her father....
A handsome stranger with secrets of his own....

A case of mistaken identity and a situation that has them both KEEPING SECRETS in a town where everyone is interested in everybody else's business.

Book One-Undercover Heroes
Historical, Western, Romantic Suspense
Anniversary Edition-originally titled "The Counterfeit"

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