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What the Experts Say: Fantasy Author Olivia Martinez

Olivia Martinez, Author

Fantasy author Olivia Martinez joins us to talk about her fun make-believe world in her new novel MISTFALL. A veteran and mother, Olivia is also a professional artist – meaning that she has sold some of her paintings. You might want to check out the brief excerpt at the end of her interview to appreciate her sense of humor. 

Q) How do you create a make-believe world that is believable and enticing to your readers?

Olivia Martinez: I think trying to make it somewhat believable that the world can exist helps. Keeping it simple helps too. In my world, genies don't live in lamps and they don't grant three wishes. I also used a little bit of history to anchor events that happen in the book.

Q) What writer do you consider writes the best novels in your genre? Why?

Olivia Martinez: I can't pick one or even two, it's impossible. I am, however, getting excited to read the next Karen Marie Moning book.

Q) What do your characters do or say that engage readers? How important is back story to help portray your characters?

Olivia Martinez: The main character, Mags, uses sarcasm as a second language. Though it may be the lowest form of wit, it's entertaining nonetheless. Hailz, a supporting character, has a psychopathic bunny killer type of personality. She's dark and twisted, but you can't hate her and you can't wait to see what horrible thing she does next.

I think the back story is important as it gives you an idea of the general character of the person. Without it you're sort of left with a two dimensional character. You have a general idea of who they are, but the reader can't connect with them to stay interested for too long.

Q) Is humor useful in creating a make-believe world?

Olivia Martinez: I think humor is necessary in any world.

Q) What is different about youth readers? What/how do you write to reach them?

Olivia Martinez: I think the youth my book is made for is definitely 16 years and older. Writing from the mind of a mid-thirties parent wouldn't be their cup of tea. Though I write for the age range of 16 and older, my character is in her mid-twenties. Just old enough for younger women to see themselves in the characters and just young enough for the rest of us to remember ourselves as those characters.

Q) What inspired you to write MISTFALL?  When did you first consider becoming a writer?

Olivia Martinez: Like most people, I've always wanted to write a book. One day I just decided to do it instead of think about it.

I've always liked supernatural, fantasy, and paranormal stories. We read to escape...what better world to run to than one that defies the laws of physics!

Q) Tell us something about yourself, e.g., do you like to read? Eat? Go to plays? What’s your favorite holiday, book, author, character, play, movie, celebrity? What do you do when you’re not writing? Do you have a muse? Do you like dogs or cats? What's your favorite charity?

Olivia Martinez: Oh my goodness. I like to paint and have sold a few paintings. I love Christmas. My house ends up looking like one of the windows of the old Marshall Field's. (I really go all out). I'm a dog person. When I'm not writing, I work as a hair dresser. I love to read. I have a reading habit that can rival a heroin junkie's any day! Let's see, what's left. I can't pick one author or play, I love them all. My favorite movie is Tombstone. Sorry Kevin Kostner, you're no Wyatt Earp.

About Olivia Martinez

Olivia Martinez is a veteran and a mother to a lovely nine year old named Grace. In her spare time she dreams of wintering over in warmer climates. When she's not writing, Olivia runs a blog where she interviews other authors.

Mags has lived in hiding all of her life. One of the last two jinn of her kind, she's being hunted by one of the Kings of Hades and the menacing Elf King for her power. When one disastrous date sends her on the run, she knows her life will never be the same. The only question is, will she survive it?


Hailz was an Ifrit, the lowest kind of jinn, though not one to be underestimated. Last time I saw her she was a mountain lion. She also happened to be Iblis’s messenger. We had an odd sort of relationship. Neither of us particularly cared for the other, but we weren’t necessarily enemies either.

“How on earth did you get the hamadryad to let you climb up her tree as big as you are?” I questioned.

“She didn’t, but I was getting hungry waiting on you to quit arguing with your boyfriend. My meal came with a seat that had a clear view of you,” Hailz stated without remorse.

Disgust was etched all over my face. “That’s horrible! Hamadryads are peaceful, hardly a challenge.”

She shrugged as best as a snake could. “Fast food.”


Find out more about MISTFALL at:

CreateSpace (paperback)


  1. Thanks Joyce, I enjoyed doing the interview!

  2. Dear Joyce and Olivia,

    Wow, what a great interview! Thanks for sharing Olivia Nicks about your book Congrats on publishing it, and thanks for telling us about your book and the characters they sounds so fun and creative! Also thanks for sharing about you! Great interview Joyce and Happy Veteran's day to you Olivia, thanks for your service to our country. Bravo!

    Syl Stein

  3. Sarcasm makes for great reading. Enjoyed the interview.