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What the Experts Say: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author J. Naomi Ay

I’m very pleased to be hosting Sci-fi/Fantasy author J. Naomi Ay today. Over a period of 20 years, this accomplished author wrote THE TWO MOONS OF REHNOR as one giant epic saga. Today it is available as a 5 part series with each novel more than 70,000 words. She is also just in the process of releasing a short story prequel to THE TWO MOONS OF REHNOR series called LYDIA'S DANCE.

In addition, Naomi works in the renewable energy business, and agreed to offer us some tips on how we can contribute. Naomi lives in the Northwest U.S. where sunshine is rare. She has 3 children and a Pomeranian.

Q: You’ve written an epic saga THE TWO MOONS OF REHNOR SERIES  that you started 20 years ago and includes five separate novels. How and why did you start the series? When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? Why science fiction?  

J. Naomi Ay: Honestly, I never thought of and still don't think of myself as a writer.  I started the series out of sheer boredom and for my own entertainment.  I was always a sci-fi fan and a trekker as a kid so that's where most of the sci-fi elements have come from.  More importantly though, by writing sci-fi/fantasy there are no boundaries as to what I can do as it's all happening in a made up world in my head.  If I want a character to do or act in a certain way that may not be physically or even conventionally acceptable, I can make them do it because after all, it's my world.

Q: What do you do to make your characters compelling and engaging?  

J. Naomi Ay:  TIP:  Primarily by building their back stories so they all come across as real people with real hopes and fears and real weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  The entire series is written in first person narratives and the story is told by all the people who surround the main character, Senya.  The reader will learn a lot about Senya but never really know him while at the same time you'll feel you know some of the other characters very intimately.

Q:  How do you make your background information support your story? Do you do any research?   

J. Naomi Ay: Without giving too much away, yes, I did research some things in the later parts of the series.  There is a fair amount of medical terminology, references to spiritualism, political issues and more that I tried to provide at least some correct information.

Q:  Did your work in the renewable energy field influence your writing? 

 J. Naomi Ay: At the end of book 4, there are definitely some references to my work.  In book 6 which I am working on now, there is also a fair bit of it.  Even before I was in this business and without being a spoiler, I can tell you that the growth of the Empire of Rehnor was primarily fueled by a clean and abundant energy source.  The energy source I use is entirely made up though, unfortunately.

Q: Do you have any advice to those of us who want to help support renewable energy activities? We installed solar panels on our house, by the way. The sun is very available here in southern California. 

J. Naomi Ay: Up here on the far northwestern tip of the continental U.S., the sun is something that we see only rarely.  When we do, we generally drop all activities to run outside and point at it while shouting something along the lines of "Look at that strange orb in the sky!" 

TIP: That being said, there is in fact a source of energy that can be acquired cleanly by using what is essentially an endless supply of feedstock, that being our trash.  There are ways to cleanly convert trash to synthetic oil as well as generate electricity.  The biggest obstacle to it unfortunately is the government.  Permitting authorities even in the most "green" areas tend to thumb their noses and make it extremely difficult for new innovation.  I will get off my soapbox now and just tell you that the most important thing individuals can do is elect people who will not hamper innovation by over regulating it but rather encourage it.

Q: Next book? Will you continue to write science fiction? Or are you investigating other genres? 

J. Naomi Ay: I am continuing my series but also have plans for a few more projects.  I've just released THE NEW PLANET, which is book 1 in a prequel series called JOURNEY TO REHNOR.  ARAN’S GIFT, which is book 2 in that series, will be out sometime in the fall.  I'm just finishing up what has essentially turned into Book 6 of the TWO MOONS TO REHNOR series.  It's called GOLDEN’S QUEST and I hope to have the e-book up and running by September 1, paperback soon to follow.  Also on my plate is a historical fiction centered around the John Adams family.  I'm working with a descendent of both John and John Quincy and together we hope to put together her family's story in a way that hasn't been done before.

Q: WOW! That’s a very impressive lineup. I wonder when you find time to go boating and beach walking!  By the way, I find it interesting that your favorite books (following) are not in the Sci fi/Fantasy genre, but rather in women’s fiction.   

Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer questions and sharing some tips.  Good luck with your books.

J. Naomi Ay Favorites
Jane Austen
Gone with the Wind
Fun activity
Boating, beach walking
Washington State Rieslings
Decaf grande sugar-free caramel soy latte with extra foam

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