Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bloggers' Tips for Self-Publishing Success

Blogger and Author Lindsay Buroker (THE EMPEROR’S EDGE; FLASH GOLD; ENCRYPTED) offers the follow marketing tips

3 Tips for Self-Publishing Success

1.     Hone your writing skills before you publish
2.     Figure out what your unfair advantage is and exploit it
3.     Have an attitude of gratefulness instead of one of entitlement


H is for Handy Marketing Tips for Authors  – A Blogger’s Perspective

Book Reviewer and Blogger Ritesh Kala offers some marketing tips to authors that he values.

1.     Blog Tours: for a “concentrated marketing boost” as authors are exposed to different readers across the blogs
2.     Contests/Giveaways: not necessarily a good way to sell books or get reviews. Great for bloggers because they attract traffic
3.     Paid reviews, such as Kirkus Reviews:  Not sure if they’re worth it. Be careful of scams.
4.     Online accessibility:  with online bookstores it’s much easier to track down books in specific genres. Also author web sites helpful, particularly excerpts, which help to understand writing styles.
5.     Author interaction with readers: he became interested in author based on interactions at Goodreads
6.     Reviewer etiquette: authors should remember that bloggers/reviewers are helping authors. Don’t insult personal opinions. Also, when you choose reviewers it is wise to choose those who read your genre.

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